Studio 1

Console DDA Amr 24 28/24/2 ( 56 tracks in mix down )
Recorders Pro tools HD 6 ( magma system )
Radar 24
Software Pro tools Logic audio ( full waves bungle)
Monitoring Urei 813b Yamaha ns10
Auratone Hafler ( Genelecs if requested)
Amplifiers Urei Yamaha pm 2200
reverb Akg Bx20e .TC electronic m5000x Lexicon 224xl Eventide Harmonizer
Outboard Chiswick Reach Compressor Manley VuMu
Outboard Chiswick Reach Compressor Manley VuMu
Large Selection of microphones
Drum kits x2 large selection of guitar amps
Hammond Organ plus Leslie
Vintage Gear ( by request)
Oberheim obxa Synth
Emu Emulator 2
Linndrum lm2
Akai mpc 60
Roland Sh101

Studio 2

Console Yamaha O2r ( with mrterbridge) in Argosy Console
Monitoring krk Rockit EV sentry
Mac pro quad core software Pro tools Logic audio Cubase
External keyboard modules
Roland jb2020 fully expanded
Emu proteus
Emu planet phatt
Emu Dance planet
Aksi s3000
Kong Triton
Both Studios fully air conditioned
Table tennis, Bar football, Pool table available on request
Separate Drum booth Separate vocal booth

Large upstairs area (wonderful acoustic
capable of accommodating 40 musicians
Separate kitchen area Full WiFi fridge microw